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Maintaining your patio floor clean can be quite the task.  Long and harsh winters can take a toll on your patio floor.  Algae and other debris begin to stick to the floor after the snow melts, leaving a green coat over your clean patio. 

The best way to preserve your patio floor is pressure washing it regularly (at least once a year).  Let Shine help you!  Our professions will get the job done right and safe.  Contact us today for a free and affordable quote.

Over time, dust, dirt and especially birds dropping are dangerous for building structures.  If left uncleaned, damage will occur.  Frequent Pressure Washing will prevent damage and will increase the life of the building structure.

Having the professionals do the pressure washing will greatly avoid the risk of damaging your property. The result? YOU save money and have peace of mind.

Any associated places like the front area of the main structure, the garage, loading docks, and nearby areas can also pressure washed. All these make the nearby environment look beautiful, giving peace of mind. 

Pressure washing can cause serious injury. Safety is our top priority, and we are sure its yours as well.  Let the professionals at Shine handle all your Pressure washing / Jet Washing needs and stay safe. We are happy to help!

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